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Halloween is the time of year where binging on sweets and treats is welcomed and celebrated! Trick-Or-Treating has been a tradition in the United States and other countries for more than a century and its origins remain unclear even today. Historians believe that ancient Celtic festivals, Roman Catholic holidays, and medieval practices are the earliest traces identified with what we now know as “Trick-Or-Treating” and Halloween. 

Samhain, a pre-Christian Celtic Festival, was the first trace of Halloween found by researchers and was established to pay homage to the dead. The festival was celebrated on October 31st, which was thought to be the night that the dead returned to earth. We now know October 31st as Halloween night. On this night, villagers would disguise themselves in animal skin costumes to drive away spirits. Meanwhile, tables were arranged with food to soothe unwelcome spirits that they believed to be present. 

Chrisitianity soon spread into the Celtic lands around the ninth century. Prayers for the souls of dead relatives became an exchange between poor people and rich homeowners. In exchange for their prayers, the poor were offered an assortment of desserts, otherwise known as souling. The practice of souling was soon adopted by children who went door to door asking for gifts of food and money. Youth from Scotland and Ireland took part in this tradition, renaming it guising. However, one key component shifted; instead of praying for the dead they would sing or perform a trick before collecting their treats. In the early 20th century, Scottish and Irish immigrant communities helped popularize Halloween in the United States. Candy companies soon began to capitalize on the holiday, racking in an estimated 2.6 billion dollars on Halloween candy, becoming the nation’s second-largest commercial holiday. 

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