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Corporate gifting is smart and genuine way to enhance both personal and business relationships. The process of corporate gifting is a great way to show your clients, customers, or employees that you are appreciative of them in a genuine way, in turn, strengthening the relationship quickly with long term results. 

Client gifting is smart business etiquette. Gift giving is a wonderful return on investment by strengthening relationships that lead to increased sustainable business practices. Your job as a company is to build a name and build a brand that others wish to partake in. Like all other things, this takes time. However, a quick way to build your reputation is to make a good first impression with the people you hope to work with, or continue working with. Sending thoughtful or customized gifts shows that you truly care about your professional relationship. Likewise, gifting also showcases your business values, corporate culture, and personal intentions. Competitors and big companies may overlook amazing opportunities to build their brand through gifting, but that doesn’t mean you have to also.

Do you find yourself contemplating the cost of corporate gifting? Don’t! Mark your gifting expenses as advertising. Whether you realize it or not, gifting practices gives you a reason to keep in touch with customers or clients. Customized gifts representing your brand are a constant reminder for the receiver of their encounter with the brand. Logos are another great indication for clients or customers to not only remember the company but return to a trustworthy brand. 

Don’t forget about international clients who might follow different business practices. In some cultures, gifting during business transactions is important and sometimes expected. Make sure to do your research before engaging in deals or meetings with international clients that way you are prepared for appropriate professional interactions. If gifting is acceptable and appropriate, do it! This could be the difference between a deal closing successfully, or slipping right through your fingertips. 

Although clients and customers are a huge part of the failure or success of a company, so are the employees you hire to help sustain it. Don’t forget to thank them and remind them how thankful you are for their hard work and commitment to continually grow the business. This will provide a huge return on investment for the company. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to feel dedicated and devoted to the work they are doing. This will only increase business activity and growth for years to come. 

With a growing and changing world, it is best to give gifts that will not be misinterpreted or seen as offensive, sexist, or racist in any way. Food is always a safe go-to to avoid this, if used correctly. Sweet treats are hard to resist and hard to go wrong with. Additionally, the packaging of gifts should be related to your brand in some fashion. The easiest way to do this is custom packaging with a custom logo. 

B. Toffee offers several options for elegant customized corporate gifts. Including your logo and a matching ribbon accent is a simple yet striking way to advertise. It’s a great way to say thank you while promoting your brand. Different box sizes are offered to suit your needs, whether that be individual gifs or larger options for groups. Custom canisters are also available should you decide you want to showcase your brand and your gift at the same time. You’ll have customers, employees, and clients hoping to work with you again just to take home another box of delectable award-winning toffee. It’s simply the best! 

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