B. Thankful – Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is here! It’s a wonderful holiday where we are reminded to slow down in our busy lives, spend time with family and friends, and eat delicious food. However, it’s very easy to forget the most important part of the holiday; giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

Showing gratitude is an important attribute to remember to spread year round, but especially during the holiday season. There are many ways to show gratitude and many people to share it with. It’s important to remember to thank your spouse, children, family members, neighbors, employers, employees, and even strangers that show you acts of kindness. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to continue to spread kindness to others.

There are many different ways you can thank these people for kindness they have shown you . An easy way to do this is to simply say ‘thank you’. It seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to say those two little words. Those two little words can go a long way. It’s a great verbal expression of your gratefulness for their contribution to bettering your day, or life. 

Another way to show gratitude is to return acts of kindness to those who have shown it to you, and even those who haven’t. This can look a lot of different ways; volunteering in your community, helping your family members complete tasks and even something as small as opening the door for someone else. These are great non-verbal expressions of spreading gratitude and kindness to others. 

Then there are the gift givers! Lots of people like to provide tangible expressions of gratitude that others can enjoy even after verbal expressions of gratefulness were shared. Around the holidays, dessert is always the most fun gift to recieve for all age groups. Personalized gifts can show another level of thoughtfulness and sincerity to the recipient! 

B. toffee is the perfect sized individual treat for those gift-giving lovers! Custom canisters and boxes can be designed to your preference; holiday themed, or custom labeled. They are also a great gift for that special someone or loved one who needs a pick-me-up. Our handcrafted, award winning, B. toffee is loved by all who have tried it, and it’s the one gift nobody ever leaves behind. You are sure to receive a ‘thank you’ from recipients of our delicious delectable chocolatey treat! 

Happy Thanksgiving from the B. toffee Team to you and your families! 

B. toffee
Newport Beach, CA
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