Summer Time is here!

It’s hard to believe summer is here. This year is flying by very quickly.

Living in Newport Beach, California we are often lucky with our weather, as it can feel like summer time throughout the year.

I’m often asked what my favorite things are to do in our beach town.

When the kids were little we would head down to the beach with family and friends. Packing lunches and staying all day long. As they grew up they became junior lifeguards in our local program and would head to the beach on their own, hoping on their bikes making pit stops on the way home at their favorite pizza spot by the Balboa Ferry. Visiting Balboa Island for a frozen banana at Dad’s is still one of our favorite visits for dessert. We’ve got to have them add our B. toffee / B. bits to their topping choices one of these days, don’t you think?

Taking a Duffy boat ride in the bay, while enjoying a glass of wine and appetizers is always so relaxing and enjoyable! Most of our favorite bars and restaurants have docks that we can anchor up to and pop in for a quick bite and cocktail.

Riding our bikes down to Balboa Island and taking the Ferry across to the beach and boardwalk is always so much fun. We’ve made it a tradition with friends every 4th of July weekend every year with our group continuing to grow.

With the days and nights longer in the summer, entertaining with family and friends is always a good idea. We’ll BBQ, listen to music and enjoy each others company outdoors by the fireplace under the stars. Loving to cook makes it enjoyable to create summer time recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables. Dessert is always the best, when I can whip up one of our creations with B. toffee. A fan favorite at the moment is so easy to make. Ice cream trifles layered with ice cream (I use Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean) and toffee, topped with our B. bits (chopped B. toffee to bits). So yummy and easy to pull together quickly.

Follow our blog for more fun, easy and delicious recipes with our toffee. We are always creating something new. We’d love you to share your favorite creation too.

Enjoy! And Happy Summer to you all.

xo, B.

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