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B. toffee was recently featured in Hoodline.com’s article “The 3 Best Chocolatiers in Irvine”. Hoodline strives to create informative, high-quality, and engaging content from a local perspective while telling the untold exciting stories of different communities. 

Appearing as the #1 on the list, Hoodline highlights some of B. toffee’s accomplishments in the community; highest rated chocolatier in Irvine and a five-star ranking on Yelp. While the article was short, sweet, and to the point, it got me thinking…what does it take for a company to earn a five-star review on Yelp? 

After reviewing all of the comments from community members and happy customers, there are several clear answers. The first thing I noticed was people’s adoration for the taste of the toffee itself along with its chic packaging. 

“When I first saw B. toffee it was at Roger’s Home & Garden and the Whole Foods at Fashion Island. I finally got a box to try it because it was the winter season and toffee to me is a treat to have during the Christmas holiday. No joke… it was by far one of the best toffees I’ve had, and I LOVE toffee! It was scrumptious and so fresh. At that time, I didn’t know they were based in Orange County. A couple years later, I found them on Instagram. Then I saw them a lot at event industry mixers I attended and that they do favors for events and weddings. I hope to see this yummy sweet treat at more shops and events! This toffee is worth meal cheating for. And my favorite time I cheated on my diet was for an ice cream bar covered with B. Toffee Bits!! #diedandgottoheaven” Sophia C. 

“Purchased as a gift and the recipient said it was the best they’d ever had!  Easy ordering and quick delivery! Proud to support a local Newport Beach business!” Susan V. 

“Sooooo good!!! Amazing toffee. Creamy yet crunchy. The perfect mix. The packaging was so cute as well! Highly recommend!” Erin M. 

“Wow! It’s Delicious! If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing! Stop By Bristol Farms Newport Beach and give it a try! You will be glad you did!” Greg W. 

“I was introduced to Betsy’s amazing toffee at a Newport Beach Film Festival reception… what a wonderful treat made right here in Newport! This might be the best candy anywhere on the planet. Look forward to giving as a gift and getting more soon.” Carol L. 

“Hands down the best toffee. Whenever I open a canister or box, I can’t just eat one piece. Also, I’ve gifted this to clients, and friends and they all go NUTZ for B. Toffee!” Larry T. 

“Fabulous toffee. Just like my Mom used to make.  Go as fast as possible to the nearest place that sells it.” Doug D. 

“B. toffee is the best toffee EVER! This is the only place that I would go to for toffee. I love their product because they have the perfect balance between the sweetness of the caramel, the bitterness of the chocolate and the nutty taste. It has the perfect crunch and doesn’t stick onto your teeth like other toffees do. Highly recommended!” Katelyn V. 

“I had never heard of B toffee until the other day. My husband brought it home from work & was raving about how good it was. So of course, I tried it & it was seriously the best toffee I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of this stuff!” Kristi M. 

“I love B Toffee…came across it years ago and never stopped thinking about wanting it again…contacted the office in Newport and was told O.C. Wine Mart just received a fresh shipment.  They have both milk and dark chocolate.  Seriously I couldn’t decide which one I loved the most.  Best toffee ever.  I’ll be making many more trips B toffee.” Tara M.

“B Toffee is without doubt the best tasting toffee around. You can also order special packaging (Custom ribbon, tags and labels) for events or special occasions. I have ordered for major clients in the past and B Toffee never fails to impress.” Shannon O. 

“The absolute BEST toffee in the world!” Cori Q

“The packaging is beautiful, and the toffee is absolutely the best!! A must try for gifts or for yourself. You’ll be hooked!!” B. T. 

“WOW!! What a fabulous company that makes the most delicious, melt in your mouth, perfect crunch, toffee! The packaging is so classy and sophisticated. We just celebrated our daughter’s wedding and the personalized gift favors made our event that much sweeter! We will be buying corporate gifts for my husband’s company next! LOVE B. toffee!” Elizabeth S. 

“This is beyond FAB … comes packaged so adorable and literally melts in your mouth! you have to try it!” Kristin B. 

We always love it when customers who have had negative experiences with toffee in the past become believers again after trying B. toffee. Here are some of those success stories! 

“Wow this is the best toffee I have ever had! I’m not usually a toffee fan, but when I tried B. Toffee I was in love. Hands down the best and after one bite, you will agree!” Lauren N. 

“Would you like some toffee?, my wife said. No thanks, I replied, toffee sticks to my teeth. Not this toffee!, she claimed. Try it! Nom, nom, nom I went…WHOA!! It didn’t stick…in fact, it melted away in my mouth like a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I chased it with some cold milk and realized I could finally enjoy toffee anytime I wanted! I’ve ordered B Toffee several times for friends and family at btoffee.com and of course, I get some for my wife and I, too. I owe her for introducing it to me…and my happy teeth! It’s the perfect gift! Everyone loves chocolate and toffee. I think I know what the “B” in B Toffee stands for…it must stand for BEST!” William S. 

OMG! I just received a gift basket from someone with some lovely items from various places, but one of those items was a container of toffee from this place (B Toffee).  I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I have to tell you the milk chocolate toffee is AMAZING! I had to control myself not to eat the entire container in 1 sitting. I just went on line to find out where it could be purchased, because I had never heard of B Toffee (I’m supposed to be sharing the gift with my husband! but not sure I’ll be able to lol). I’m SO surprised to see they only had one other review other than mine now. Not sure if it’s a new store or not, but now that I see it’s in Newport Beach I’m going to tell my son (who lives in Newport) to buy me some for my birthday which is coming up! If you love toffee I think this has to be some of the best out there by far!” Eileen M. 

“Oh Em Gee. I received this toffee as a gift and it is seriously the best toffee I’ve ever had and I’m not even a huge toffee fan. Really good pairing of the chocolate with the toffee and nuts.” Amanda L. 

“First and last toffee I will ever try! B. toffee is truly an amazing find. Their work is quick and is never anything short of delicious. This toffee is great for any occasion whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation, etc. With their help I made the most darling 21st birthday party favors that all my guests raved about! You will not be disappointed if you choose B for your next event!”  Terra G. 

There were lots of doting reviews discussing the customer service they received directly from our founder, Mrs. B. 

“I ended up connecting with the owner, Betsy. She is just the sweetest. I love her! She is so wonderful to work with and she creates some really great dessert ideas.” Sophia C. 

“B. Toffee is seriously the best toffee I have ever had. I worked with the company to see if we can use them for an event give away, and although we did not work with them, Mrs. B still sent a taster of the toffee and I can still taste the hallelujah chorus! Absolutely wonderful service and a great gift to give away for any occasion. The wrapping is adorable too! 🙂 Thanks!” Diana J. 

“B Toffee is amazing…not only the best, but very kind. In error I put down my address, instead of the recipient…. It was addressed by Betsy…kindly and resolved. This place is truly the best.”  Patty M

Soooo, I was given the opportunity to try BToffee again.  Thank you, Betsy!  It did not disappoint my taste buds!  I was reminded of my first experience (after a co-worker shared hers with me) and why I decided to buy in the first place. It was mouthwatering scrum-delicious!  I keep mine hidden in the fridge – oh my gosh! – it’s absolutely divine cold! Though my doctor recently told me I was diabetic and must control my A1C.  Bummer! I’ll continue to buy BToffee, even if only moderately for myself but as gifts for family and friends to win them over as well.  BToffee is tops in my book!” Shedralyn P. 

On behalf of the B. toffee team, we wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude to Hoodline for highlighting local business and celebrating their successes with community members. We are beyond honored to have been featured and strive to continually spread positivity, share delicious toffee, and support the community through our B. Giving Initiative! 


To view the article on Hoodline.com please click the link provided: https://hoodline.com/2020/06/the-3-best-chocolatiers-in-irvine

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