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The Sunday Brunch Club is a video podcast that highlights different women in business and champions female talent, leadership and achievement. They provide a platform for guests to share personal stories, advice, and experiences with careers, family, parenting, equality and mentorship. It is a casual sit down with no set Q&A making each conversation genuine and sincere. Each episode lasts about thirty minutes long for an easy watching or listening experience. 

The shows host, Rachel Svoboda, is a prominent female business leader from Orange County, California. Svoboda is an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who attributes her successful career to her acute ability to build dynamic relationships with others. Her ability to curate these meaningful connections and networks with others has enabled Svoboda to build companies for herself, her clients and develop all the working parts within a company as well.  

Recently, B. toffee’s founder Betsy Thagard was featured on The Sunday Brunch Club. Thagard began B. toffee in 2009 and has accomplished a great deal from the initial launch of the business to it’s 10th anniversary this past October. The business has won several awards for its sleek and sophisticated packaging; GOLD Award for ‘Top Toffee’, ‘Best Packaging’ at the Taste Awards in San Francisco and many others. B. toffee is carried in high-end specialty stores, resorts, hotels, online and is also available through custom gifting options. One of Thagards most proud moments was seeing B. toffee on the Williams Sonoma website (an exclusive holiday peppermint white and dark chocolate toffee has been created for them!) and on the shelves of specialty stores without the help of outside sources; sales teams and food brokers. In fact, Thagard went into many stores herself and secured amazing partnerships simply out of pure determination, most lasting the decade she’s been in business. 

While the company has received great praise and success for its many accomplishments, none are more fulfilling than B. toffee’s  “B. Giving Initiatives”.  B. toffee is partnering with many charities and organizations throughout the community that are working towards impacting the lives of others to make the community and our world a better place. Thagards altruistic approach to life reflects on her business, friends, family and all who have the pleasure of knowing her. This attribute shines through each time she gives back to deserving charities and organizations through her B. toffee company.

Thagard enjoyed the opportunity to discuss personal stories, and career experiences that attributed to her success in hopes that others might use her experiences as a reminder that it’s never too late to begin their own career journey. 

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